SELMA User & Compliance Training

We always have a good time meeting our customer, provider initial user training, train new registrars in compliance or simply do a SELMA refresher course...

SELMA User Training

The good news is that SELMA is, to a good extent, self explanatory. We do however provide as much training as you need to get yourself and your staff familiar with SELMA. This is a great opportunity to replicate your processes in the system as well and ask our professionals about how to efficiently process your scenarios on setups in SELMA. Of course there is also an up-to-date manual available fully integrated into the software so you will never lose it..

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Compliance Training

One reason why we built SELMA in the first place was because we understand New Zaland compliance very well and love to pass our knowledge on. Our team is built of New Zealand education professionals, and whilst we provide the tool to manage your student data, we can also help anytime with New Zealand compliance questions. If you have administrators or registrars that are new to education compliance, we even have a two-day comprehensive training plan to get your new staff up to speed.

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Refresh Session & Webinars

We our proud of every part of the development of SELMA and we love to show it to you. Webinars are a great way of keeping up to date with our recent development and to understand how it can work for you. But we know that sometimes very specific problems are best solved on the screen of a user and we do so remote and on site. Furthermore, refresh sessions on your premises can be a very effective way of training your staff on a regular basis and therefore guarantee data integrity and efficient system use.

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