Native Integrations

Explore amazing integrations that come with the SELMA package and are ready reduce your workload...

Power BI

We appreciate that SELMA is not your only application and reporting over data sets from different applications may become necessary. PowerBI is an amazing Business Intelligence and reporting tool that will help you to do more with your data. SELMA comes with at least 8 pre-designed reports and you can create as many more as you wish. You don't want to create reports yourself? No problem, ask our report designers to do it for you.

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NZQA Data Exchange

Importing your accredited unit standards, creating a batch request file, importing records of achievement or sending your learners achievements to NZQA? SELMA makes it all possible with a simple user interface.

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National Student Index

When creating a student or editing a students details, you can link directly into the national student index through SELMA. Once you are setup, click on the NSI button in the SELMA Student form and import all information from NSI. Create new learners if they do not exist or update existing information of students conveniently through the SELMA user interface and without login in to the National Student Index.

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Public Trust

Public Trust is a great partner to protect your students fees. To do so every student will need an account and the information needs to be gathered and passed on to Public Trust. In SELMA you can do this on the click of a button. The fees are created upon enrolment, the student information is already there, we simply send the data to PT and you will get a confirmation email returned.

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Insightly CRM

It's our native, the CRM we have been working with for a long time. Insightly is great to get started with and your recruitment team will see the benefit very quickly. The on-boarding process can be nicely replicated in Insightly and the best part, you will be able to import the contact information into SELMA as soon as a new learner is ready...

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We integrate with XERO to meet the needs of you as an educational provider on a financial level. XERO integrates with SELMA so that you can handle the management and financial management of your students at the same time. Get in touch with our helpful team today to see how XERO integration will look for you.

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Copper CRM

The importing of contact details and the creation of student profiles is a breeze in SELMA with our native integration with Copper CRM. This can be done with just a click - it's that easy!

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Not what you are looking for? We will build your custom integration!