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Data 2020One of the most important parts of the new vocational education system under the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) will be an entirely new funding system. In general terms, the activity that is funded is the activity that gets done, so it’s vital that any changes to funding reflect the aims of RoVE.
SELMA is included in the relevant projects by TEC and is supporting the development and change to make the system seamlessly integrate with any new reporting requirements under the UFS. 
SDRSELMA is accredited for the NZ Single Data Return since 2017 and has a strong support team that can answer all SDR questions. Our consultants can go even further into the details of SDR data analysis for you to plan your investments or help with decision making. SELMA has strong reporting tools around the SDR so you can track your performance anytime of the year. 
NZQAThere is a wide range of functions around NZQA in SELMA. You can import your unit standard files, record of achievements of your students, as well as report unit standards and qualification completions. SELMA also has powerful workflows around cross crediting of unit standards. 
NSIIn SELMA, the NSI interface is integrated into your student screen and access levels are controlled down to SELMA user level. You can generate new NSN's, update existing records, and import all data into SELMA.
ITRSELMA is the most cost effective hybrid SDR/ITR system. If you are planning on taking on apprentices or offer training through the industry training fund, SELMA will be the perfect solution for you with comprehensive ITR functionality and the option to run SDR type students alongside ITR students without restrictions. 
LNAATA file exchange system is available to integrate with the Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool. Providers can generate their cohorts, students, and teachers in LNAAT from a SELMA batch file and import reports with learner progress back to SELMA.
Public TrustSELMA allows you to generate Public Trust accounts with a one directional batch file system. You can create accounts for enrolled learners with a click of a button on their enrolment.