SELMA April 2022 Release

00:06 – Mandatory 2FA authentication – It is time to enhance security 00:56 – The date of birth field is no longer a mandatory to create a new student 01:30 – The “Intake Interested In” field is now on the student main tab and has a fast enrol function 02:06 – Yes, we finally have an address finder 02:30 – The event log section has a new improved layout 04:15 – You can now change the campus of an intake 04:50 – The new component enrolment slide in window shows the marks as well and has a delete/edit function 06:48 – Manage your lookup data in a new dedicated menu 07:47 – Manage your integrations in the new integrations menu 08:28 – Impersonation mode – as a registrar you can now login as a different user to see what they see


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